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      Preparing for an interview or On-Camera appearance? Our private media coaching offers on camera preparation along with question/answer review and recovery techniques. We'll prepare you for a professional, conversational on camera appearance. 

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      TV Ready Kids! Breaking into the Business Ages 5-16

      Do your kids have what it takes to break into television? Our interactive, on-camera workshop will test their potential to become the NEXT Big Celebrity TV kid while teaching the parents the Do’s and Don’ts of this Glamorous Industry. 12pm - 2pm  $35 Registration Opens Soon.



      So You Want to Be An Actor!? Adults Breaking In...

      This workshop and information session is for Adults (17+) wanting to break into Acting but don't know where to begin. 12am - 2pm  $35 Registration Opens Soon



      Become a Guest Expert on Television

      Television producers are constantly looking for new and engaging guests who can bring a unique point to their viewers. In this workshop, you’ll learn what it takes to catch the eyes of bookers and producers. From live news interviews to social media, we teach you how to make the most out of your media breaks and every television appearance. If you are an author, doctor, fitness expert, lawyer, shopaholic, sports fanatic or any entrepreneur, we’ll teach you the basics to getting your expertise on the air. You could be what producers are looking for. Open to all professions. 10am - 2pm  $99 Registration Opens Soon



      NEW! Mastering Media Interviews

      Are you building a professional brand and ready to expand to media interviews such as Radio, Television and online print? Do you need to polish your on air skills? You only get one first impression. Let us teach you how to master your interviews! 10am - 2pm  $99 Registration Opens Soon